Corporate Social Responsibility

At Williams Giles, we believe that it is important for us to support the local community as well as supporting our clients.

To do this, we focus on four core areas and ensure that we strive to make a positive impact in each of them. These areas are as follows:

  • Charity and community
  • Environment
  • Our people
  • Our clients

Charity and Community

As a firm, we support a number of different charities during the course of the year, some national and some local. We help these charities to raise funds via a number of different methods of which most if not all staff are keen to participate in. Not only does this help raise much needed funds for charity, it also helps to boost staff morale and assist us in maintaining a contented workforce.

Some of the staff at Williams Giles also volunteer their time to be involved in community events, from the Scouts, through to School Governors and a number hold honorary positions or Trusteeships for a number of local charities.

One of the current Directors was one of the founding Trustees for a well-known Kent charity and is also involved in a number of community projects in their spare time and another Director is currently acting as a District Governor for Rotary.


As a firm, we believe that the future of the profession will be strongly linked to technological advancements. By embracing technology, and utilising current methods of data storage, such as electronic filing, we are able to reduce the amount of paper used, therefore limiting our impact on the environment.

We have ensured that all of our audits are completed electronically, using portable scanning technology for all of our audit teams to eliminate paper waste as much as possible.

In the office, all of our confidential paper waste is recycled, further reducing our carbon footprint. Any computer equipment that is surplus to our requirements is also recycled, using independent organisations that can redeploy the equipment to people in developing countries. Staff are also encouraged to participate if they have any such equipment that is surplus to their own requirements.

Wherever possible, we try and source our supplies from local businesses to help support other business in this area.

Our People

We believe that our success as a firm will depend upon staying ‘fit for purpose’ by recruiting talented people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

As any business in the service industry, our staff are our biggest asset and we do see them this way. They are a resource that we look after and try to develop so that they can assist our clients and also give them as many opportunities as possible for them to fulfil their own aspirations and goals.

We provide internal and external training in both technical and “soft” skills that are transferable and can be used by staff for many different purposes. We understand that this helps us as a firm, and know that these skills help our staff in their everyday lives.

We are committed to providing development opportunities and support to our employees and currently sponsor over 25% of our employees to study towards a professional qualification.

Where possible, we recruit to more senior positions from within. We believe that this enables our staff to have aspirations to progress and also shows that progression can be achieved based upon merit.

We have recently instigated an Employee Group Medical Scheme enabling staff to take advantage of counselling where required and defray the cost of health care treatments. Staff are also offered the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a Group Private Healthcare arrangement.

Our Clients

Our relationships with clients are built on quality, integrity and trust. We ensure that our people know their role in delivering high levels of client service to ensure that all of our clients, regardless of size receive the best level of service possible.

At Williams Giles, we have a team dedicated to charitable and not-for-profit organisations including academy schools. Staffed by Directors and staff with specific training and expertise in this field, we are ideally situated to enable us to advise on how best to meet financial and non-financial objectives.

For new assignments, we conduct a thorough client engagement process that covers anti-money laundering, ethical issues and other professional risk assessment measures. Similar safeguards apply to ongoing client relationships and all assignments are managed in accordance with internal guidelines.

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