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Williams Giles Professional Services Ltd -  Foster Carer Specialist Accountants in Sittingbourne, Kent

Alastair Crawford heads up our foster care team who over the years have helped over 40 agencies to grow and develop their businesses. In fact we were involved in setting up the first Independent Fostering Agency in the country, and our expertise and experience in the sector is second to none. We also provide advice to both Independent Fostering Agencies and Local Authorities on various matters relating to fostering.

Our Services to Independent Fostering Agencies

Compliance services:

Annual Statutory Accounts

Annual Audit

Consultancy and advisory services:


We use our experience to advise on matters such as resolving cash flow problems, preparing business plans and assisting with tender documents to Local Authorities.

Corporate Restructuring

We assist directors/shareholders in restructuring their business to ensure they maximise their own position or giving share options to senior staff members.

Sale and Purchase Assistance

We provide a full service to help preparing a business for sale, marketing your business to potential purchasers, assisting with the process of the sale, recommending solicitors to help with the legal agreements of required, complete ‘handholding’ through the sale process.

We can also help a potential purchaser to contact target businesses or respond to sale particulars. We can carry out due diligence reports and liaise with company bankers to obtain funding agreements.

Support for your Foster Carers

One of the first tasks we undertook for ISP in 1988 was to look at the income received by the carers. The Independent Fostering Agency wanted to pay them a professional ‘fee’ but did not wish to burden them with bookkeeping and substantial tax liabilities. We negotiated a very beneficial deal with HM Inspector of Taxes that we were able to replicate with other Inspectors around the country. When HMRC wanted to standardise the arrangements for all foster carers in England, we were involved in the negotiations.


We are always happy to attend any training courses/seminars that you run for your foster carers. The only cost being the reimbursement of travelling expenses. We will provide information on tax, national insurance and benefits. We will advise on how to register with HMRC and the process for completion of the self assessment tax returns. We can personalise the course to your own requirements.

We can also provide material for your foster carer handbooks.

Outsourcing services:



Require more information?

If you would like more information or would like to speak to us direct then call us on 01795 478044. Or if you would prefer, please fill out our contact form here.

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